Fornasa Vecia. Or rather the ability to live a dream.

It is with enthusiasm and pride that we present the result of an intensive renovation program that, within a five-year span, has brought about our re-inventing and re-organising a Venetian archaeological complex dating back to the Nineteenth century.The great challenge presented by this project has been to instil personality and uniqueness in the housing units while maintaining the fascination and charm of the historical building: from the beginning we believed that the architectural singularity of this old construction should not be distorted or obscured by the new geometry of the spaces.The merit of this place, in fact, can be attributed to an undoubtedly scenic effect of the large spaces and large internal volumes; hence the project’s desire to instil new perspectives on the new housing units and to emphasize the restoration of distinctive original elements in a contemporary key. The memory of the Old Brick Factory also lives on in the enhancement of the water doors and the old supporting structures left exposed, in the reuse of the old iron windows and the imposing wooden portal.Proposing a new future for this place rich in history and immersed in a unique environment, we are pleased to present the new residential architecture complex of Fornasa Vecia. Pierluigi e Luca PasqualottoPASQUALOTTO COSTRUZIONI s.r.l.

Pasqualotto Costruzioni Fornasa Vecia Venezia

Architect’s design suggestions.

The Fornasa Vecia project has engaged me with two different commissions for more than ten years. The current lucky combination between an enlightened client and our Studio, has allowed me to see an idea, which has its origins in the first inspections performed on this location, when it was still used as the site of a very old Venetian construction company.At the time the site still breathed the presence of historic building materials that had accumulated in these places over the years of activity. All this has deeply inspired my idea of not losing this sense of temporal stratification, from which the proposal to find in the final garment a memory of these suggestions as treasures given in a compendium of decorative elements not stuck to the structure, but in it persistent. I leave to the visitors of these places the judgment on how much this planning choice has conferred the wanted plus of suggestion to this residential compendium that, in the idea of this working team, wants to be however paradigmatic for quality and actuality in the Venetian panorama.Thanks again to Pasqualotto Costruzioni for the opportunity and trust granted to me. Arch. Roberto Canovaro.  Architectural Design:Studio R.L.C. Architettura e Design - Dorsoduro, VeneziaArch. Roberto CanovaroArch. Massimo BergaminiArch. Giulia Scrascia Structural consulting:Venice Plan Ingegneria Mestre (Venezia)Ing. Gabriele TosiGeom.Mariano Barbero System Design:Ing. Andrea Chiozzotto Venezia Acoustic surveyor:Dipartimento analisi energetiche Conegliano (Treviso)Ing. Bruno Zorzi Firms, Suppliers, Partners:CSV Restauri, VeneziaC.C. Termica, VeneziaGruppo Impianti, Olmo (Venezia)Rem Finiture, Campagna Lupia (Venezia)Officina Zanon, VeneziaOfficina Bertoldini & Torre, VeneziaArreghini Serramenti, Pramaggiore (Venezia)MarmoArredo, Tombolo (Padova)Pavilegno, Spinea (Venezia)Venice Green, Venezia

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